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Video Slots - Profound Gambler's Guide

If you are considering whether to have a spin online or to go to the land-based casino then this section should provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice. All online slots are actually Video Slots and their advantage over land-based slots is evident.

Video Slots Pros

  1. What is great about Video Slots is that they imitate the various slot machines, such as Progressive Slots, 3-Reel Slots, 5-Reel Slots as well as Bonus Slots. Video Slots enable players to choose the type of Slots game they like choosing the number of reels, payout lines and coin denomination.
  2. The special features of Video Slots which attracts a huge army of players are the bonus rounds and the player is able to win bonus credits via a series of new tasks and challenges. When you first register and make an initial deposit you usually receive a cash signup bonus. Sometimes this bonus is equal to your and other times the signup bonus is a multiple of your deposit. Video Slots also have large jackpots, including progressive jackpots.
  3. From a point of view of entertainment both Classic Slots and Video Slots are similar. Both are capable of impressive graphics and incredible sound effects.
  4. Video slot games allow unlimited free play in guest or demo mode to see if you like a particular game before playing real money.
  5. They both rely on digital computer chip technology to generate their reels and slots, and the outcomes of spinning a reel. Earlier slot machines had a handle to pull and spin the reels. But these days the inner workings of the slot machine are computer-based. In many cases the handle is replaced by a button that you push to start the spinning of the reels.
  6. It is believed that the payout percentage at online casinos is higher than at real-world ones. Thus the casino’s advantage is slightly less and due to this your chance to profit is higher. The difference is often not more than one percentage point but it all adds up in the end.
  7. At all online casinos that offer slots games several attractive and secure banking options are offered, you are guaranteed anonymity and 24/7 customer service for all slots players is available via e-mail or phone.

So, next time that you think of going to the nearest casino to play the slot machine game that you like, think twice. You might find playing slots online a better option. You have control over the game, you can find the game that you’d like to play, and you can play it whenever and as long as you want. Go ahead and enjoy your online slot machine game at home today!

If you fill the temptation to try your luck, we will make it easy for you providing you with the list of reliable and secure online casinos that guarantee safe gambling and are ready to furnish you with attractive bonuses.

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