Popular Slot Myths

Slot Myths: Know What to Believe and What Not

When you see a case when a huge amount of luck is combined with huge amount of money like slots games, you will inevitably run across lots of myths and superstitions attached to this industry. Lots of such myths are nothing but the nonsense. In this article we want to dispel some popular myths that have sprung up around the casino slots industry.

Slot machine pays more often if to bet one coin at a time

The mechanism that runs the slot reels, be it real or virtual, has no idea how many coins you put into the machine. It will produce the same spin of one or max coins.

It is better to pull the handle than press spins

It doesn’t matter whether you press the spin button or pull the handle of slot machine. Both methods yield the same chance of a win, thus there is no difference between a real slots game and an online slots game regarding the mechanics.

Casinos control when jackpots will be hit

The random number generator in the slot machine determines when the jackpot will be hit. The casino simply can’t control this in any way.

Slot machines have certain pattern or sequence of spins

Slot Myths: Know What to Believe and What Not

This is nonsense. The work of slot machines is based on random number generators which generate millions of combinations of numbers per minute. The pattern that a human can track simply doesn’t exist, even if we had a computer, it would require months or years of data to calculate the possibility of hitting jackpot and you still couldn't possibly push the button at the split millisecond you needed to hit big.

Slots can be beaten with a system

One of the most commonly believed online slots myths is that slots can be beaten with a system written in selling guides and e-books. There is no system that will make you a constant winner since slots are just the game where everything depends on Lady Luck. Selling such systems, people and companies are just making money, remember that the house will always have an advantage.

Some slots are hot

Any slot machine is never "due" to do anything except keeping a certain percentage of the money put through it for online casino. Never forget that slot machine return percentages are calculated over millions of spins, so any short term play is insignificant. Whether you play at the same machine for one minute or 100 hours, your odds of winning are going to be the same.

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