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16 Nov 2010

We all know that playing and winning at slots games is pure luck. But there are some aspects, which are not covered by luck. Your skills and knowledge are responsible for these aspects. One of them is playing right in the right places.

If you choose to play in the decent spots, you would not be fooled or taken advantage of. It is mere brain activity, which increases your odds. Honestly, there are some secrets the casinos and the software providers are not eager to share about. But there are skilled players who know everything and a bit more about the world of slots. Sometimes they write the books. Some of the books change the world perception, some add strength, some teach you and some are just nonsense gathered under a cover.

Break the One-Armed Bandits by Frank Scoblete

picture Oh yes. Mr. Scoblete is a guru of the gambling world. He can tell you so much that the brain would not be able to accept all the information. He is one of those people you can actually trust. In this book he starts with evolution of the slots.

His language is so easy to understand and well structured that you do not ask questions while reading. Another interesting point is that his book is like an interview of many people. In order to keep everything in secret, he changed the personalities of his interviewees as those people are taking high posts in the casino management. He also interviewed the players during their gaming process.

Scoblete covers an interesting strategy called stretching. It is connected with your bank roll and the ways how you can "stretch" it so that you will be able to play more.

Secrets of Winning Slots by Avery Cardoza

picture Avery Cardoza is a well-known publisher and an author of the books. His experience is a proof that his tips and recommendations are reliable. He discovers for some people the fact that there are hot and cold machines, like really hot and cold.

There are some strategies that say the machine becomes hot, if it gives some winnings but in reality it is a completely different notion. There are looser and tighter machines, which are located close to each other. The matter is that the loose machines are those, which give payouts more frequent than others. The player sees that his neighbor gambles and wins. He wants to do the same, then he loses his head and bets more and more. And finally he is a broke.

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