Slots Payouts

18 Feb 2011

Slots payouts are probably the most interesting issue for most slots players. Most people are quite interested in the difference between the jackpot payout of straight slots and progressive slots. So, below you may see the description of straight and progressive slots payouts.

Straight Slot Machine Payout

Straight slot machine`s payout depends on the value of coins you play with. These slots are known for having a standard paytable. The jackpot of these machines is fixed as they are not linked up together. The main thing that you should remember is that the payout of straight slots varies on the coin size value.

Progressive Slot Machine Payout

Progressive slot machines` payout involves a huge jackpot which is called a progressive jackpot. Such jackpot of progressive slots is not fixed. It constantly increases as many players play some interconnected slots at the same time. It means that the jackpot can become incredibly huge. Playing progressive slots players are required to bet maximum in order to win this progressive jackpot. The winning chances at playing progressive slots are not so very good, that`s why a lot of players organize teams which work together with a view of winning huge jackpot and then splitting it.

Best Slots Payouts Percentages

Let`s analyze the best slots payouts percentage. First of all, you should know that there are slot machines that have high and low payout percentages. When a slot machine has 94-97% payout, it is supposed to be a loose machine with a high payout percentage. Slots which have less than 94% payout are not loose and are considered to be the ones with low payout percentage. Why is it so important to know the payout percentage? The matter is that it heavily influences player`s winning odds. The higher payout percentage of a slot machine, the more winning chances player has. If you go to offline casino in order to play slots and you choose a specific slot machine but there is not the information about the payout percentage, you are definitely to check this info, for instance, consulting casino staff members. You should also get to know the payout percentage details before you start playing in online casinos. But you should be very attentive as many online casinos reveal the related info only on the slots types in general but not on the specific slots type. So, if you are not sure about the payout percentage of the slots type you want to play on, you are not recommended to start playing.

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