Money Management

picture Money management is a key point in your successful playing that fully depends on your being disciplined and knowing how and when you should act. So, we have decided to provide you with basic money management principals which may be of a primary importance for you.

How to Manage your Money

  1. Positive betting progression is one of the most important things that can bring you luck. Remember! Gambling is based upon the principal of bet raising and lowering. Thus, we have a positive betting progression and negative one. Let`s start with the negative progression. This progression depends on your bets` increase after you have suffered some losses. This system is too dangerous because it generates losses again. While looking for some online casinos do take into account this information in order not to have some losses. On the contrary, positive progression is based on the principal that you have to bet more while winning, and not much when you see you are losing. If you see you are winning, make your bets higher but you should do this slowly without any mess. And when you are losing, bet less.
  2. Now we will speak about your plans. If you decided to visit a casino and you are not sure what type you should choose, find as much as possible about the casino you intend to visit. Read different forums, ask friends, try to do some kind of investigative work. It will certainly help you avoid any sort of potential problems.
  3. If you are in casino, do not take your whole bankroll with you. Try to divide your money for several playing sessions. Try to think in a sound way! Predict what sum of money you will have after potential losses.
  4. You always have to keep in mind that it is quite important to be disciplined in any situation. You should understand that you can also lose and not only win. Do not concentrate on casinos that have a low percentage payout.
  5. Do not play with money that is not affordable for you. There many gambling credit cards which are offered to players. It doesn`t mean you have to use them. Rely on your money only!
  6. While making any betting, try to use cash. It will help you to control the situation. Some casinos offer their own money system (a 5c chip is a "nickel" and a 25c chip a "quarter." It is better to use cash, in such a way you will definitely control the money flow.
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