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Classic Slot Games

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Classic (or basic) slots are the most common slot games on the Internet, it is the 3-reel 1-payline slot and it has twenty two positions per reel. Each reel is marked with different symbols. After you made a spin, the three reels will stop and you will see randomly selected symbols that are located on the game window. Each combination corresponds to different payouts. No fancy stuff, but a simple game where you know your winning combination in a flash. It is believed that the classic slot games provide wins more often than other slots, however these wins are usually lower. Some of the slots have additional features, like extra bonuses, wild symbols or additional progressive spins. We suggest you to play classic slot games at the casino we have chosen, our choice is stipulated by the bonuses and good odds it provides for its players.

Progressive Slot Games

What attracts the players to this kind of free online slots machines is its usually impressive jackpot prize. Each player of the same game makes a small contribution to the jackpot prize. The drawback of these machines is that regular winning paylines that are not the jackpot, will pay less than in the same machine that doesn’t offer a jackpot. The most important thing about slot machine jackpots you should remember is that to win the jackpot you MUST play the maximum amount of coins. If you just don’t want to do that, simply choose another type of machine that suits your bankroll and playing style and always remember that your first and most important goal is to enjoy yourself and have fun. Play at the casino we suggest you and enjoy safe and profitable gambling.

Bonus feature Slot Games

All games that belong to this category have some additional bonus feature. Most of them also fit into other categories such as five reel or classic slots. This game is activated when definite combination of symbols appears. Bonus feature is represented by free spins, gamble or other custom game. In general when you take the bonus round you'll be taken to another screen where you will play your bonus game. What is exciting about bonus feature slots is that you have another option to win (in addition to the normal spins) and this really adds to the entertainment factor.

Multiplier Slot Games

Multiplier slots feature multiplying symbols, which in turn complete special winning combinations and then proceed to multiply the winnings for that combination. A multiplier is just like a wild symbol, meaning it can complete a winning combination and multiply its value. The multiplier slots can give out very sizable payouts, second only to big progressive slot jackpots.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

Players that play the maximum amount of coins per each spin are given an extra bonus.

5 Reel Slots

This slot has 5 reels and thus provides from 5 to 21 paylines. These slot machines offer to the player more complex slot experience and big bonus features. In 5 reel slots three main types of bonus features are available, they are bonus games, free spins and a reel focus only.

Multi Payline Slots

Multi Payline Slots are the machines that provide several paylines on a single slot, the number of these paylines may range from 2 to 9 or more paylines. These multiple paylines presuppose a variety of combos that can make you a winner. Other elements of these slot machines may differ, such as the winning combinations, symbols, number of reels, whether the jackpot is progressive, etc.

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