Gambling Legality

22 Nov 2010

Today online gambling is becoming more and more popular as it involves more and more countries.

As a result, this vivid gambling development generates a high number of questions about its legality. This subject is supposed to be pretty dubious as there are different countries with their domestic laws. We have decided to elucidate this matter.

First of all, you have to differentiate between the EU countries and the United States which do have quite different law aspects. To add more, such phenomenon of online gambling also has many dubious issues.

European Union Online Gambling

Let`s start with the EU gambling policy which has undergone so many changes! European online gambling is predetermined by every single constituent (country that belongs to the European Union). It is worth mentioning that most of European countries consider online gambling legal. There are certain laws that allow functioning online casinos, but this functioning is strongly regulated by taxes. Such countries as Sweden, Norway, Austria and Ireland are top countries that heavily promote online gambling.

To make it clear, it is necessary to mention that European countries do not prohibit online gaming as it is supposed to be legal. There is no strict regulation that can fully prohibit online gambling.

In general, online gambling is considered to be legal in Europe.

European Union cannot prohibit online gambling as it will contradict the conformity among the EU countries. Still there are some countries such as Germany and France that have legally prohibited online gambling. In fact, online casinos are obliged to have specific licenses and must keep to certain online gambling rules.

To conclude, it is evident that there are no certain EU laws that can forbid online gambling as such laws would heavily influence the law standards of the EU country members. On the contrary, every single country that belongs to EU can enact its inner legislation.

US Online Gambling

The US legislation is seemed to be absolutely unclear in all aspects. What is important to mention is that there is no law in the United States that can prohibit being involved in gambling.

In fact, online gambling is regulated by three main laws that actually prohibit different forms of gambling. But it is viewed as formality only. In practice there are many sorts of gambling of both types (land- based and online). Just remember Las Vegas, a city full of all sorts of casinos!

All things considered, you can see that gambling legality is a very dubious issue both in EU and the US. To make it simple, online gambling is not illegal, it is only restricted by some rules and taxes depending on the country provider. We would strongly recommend you to get acquainted with the laws of the country you are playing in to avoid all potential problems in this sphere.

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