Bonus Slots

29 Nov 2010

Nowadays casinos give the possibility to play an incredibly huge variety of slots ranging from classic to casino bonus slots. These slots may differ in entrance pay, jackpot amount, payout, design and simplicity of usage. What is good about this magnificent machine that you are provided with additional chances of you winning!

Casino bonus slots are proved to be very attractive as they provide you with multiple bonus rounds, which makes them stand separately from other slots. In order to play bonus games you should get triggers. When you finish playing bonus rounds, you can play the ordinary game without bonuses.

Layout of Bonus Slots

You are to keep in mind that a typical bonus game of a slot machine doesn't contain a pay table on its main screen. To get to know the winning combinations you can be provided with, you need to go to the category of pay table.

The main thing in playing slot machine game is to get bonuses. What is interesting is that bonuses are hidden and you do not always know when you can get them.

Several bonus slot machines provide you with a gamble feature that allows you to gamble with your winnings. You may gamble with the winnings to make them double (not more than 5 times) but remember you may also win nothing.

Types of Bonus Slots

Mainly there are two categories of bonus slots: reel based and non-reel based.

Reel based game has free spins, cascades and wild features.

Non-reel based game has more complicated format with a bonus screen. The bonus screen is used for opting some functions.

It is quite necessary to say some words about prizes. The prize might reach a high amount but you should mind your picks.

Bonus Slots Strategy

While playing bonus slot machines, take into account that the number of spins between Free Spins Feature and bonus round is from 125 to 175. Of course, it can be higher or lower but we have given you the average number.

The best strategy depends on bankroll size defining. While doing this, try to define the lowest and the highest bet. We strongly advise you to make your start with the minimal bet and gradually keep on betting.

There are statistical data that say us that feature may not appear for some period of time and when it finally appears, you will be happy to enjoy not ordinary payout but much higher.

The main thing you should remember is that before playing you need to do a great deal of research work concerning the types of bonus slots machines you want to play. Also find all possible information about the reputable online casinos which will not deceive you.

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