Gambling Etiquette

08 Dec 2010

It may sound disappointing but there are still present many sorts of misbehavior and lack of politeness in gambling (no matter what kind of gaming you are involved in). When you were playing you might have experienced some kind of cheating, rudeness, intolerance or even vulgarity. We will try to concentrate on the most vivid gaming etiquette rules which can be of a great importance for every single player.

Key Points of Gambling Etiquette

  • Although, cheating is widely spread today, it doesn`t mean you have to use all possible cheating schemes in all the games. First of all, they will not always work (that`s for sure) and also you can be easily caught and heavily punished that can forever discourage you from any potential playing (we hope you do not want to experience the same fortune as the 21 film`s gamblers).
  • Don`t use spam! Many people find sending WTC texts through chatting systems very enjoyable and profitable. But not all the people want to see chat messages that make them buy some products. It does annoy people, so try to use particular trade channel not all the possible channels you can find!
  • While participating in different tournaments, be a team player, respect other players too, not only yourself! Relentless pursuit for winnings will not always bring you advantages. If you are a constant winner, try to help other people who are not so confident at playing as you are. They will do appreciate your cooperation! In a case of losing do not drop as quickly as possible without any explanation!
  • Do not think that everyone who is winning is cheating! A lot of people play professionally and it doesn`t mean they use some methods of cheating. They could become professionals because they have permanent practice. So, do not accuse such people if you are not sure they definitely cheat!
  • If somebody has insulted you, the best way out is to ignore such people! Trying to insult people too can only generate this stupid process. If you have faced such people, simply do not pay attention to them!
  • You should not bet more than you can really afford. Try to set some limit you can afford! Doing this you will never regret about some potential losses.
  • Before you start playing read the rules in order to avoid sending any accusations to the game providers.
  • Remember! Game is for fun! Even if you have lost a game, it shouldn`t be taken seriously by you. It is just a game, not a business of all your life.
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