Cheating at Slot Machines

26 Jan 2011

During many years players are being interested in some methods that can allow them to cheat while playing slots. Cheating at slot machines is much more difficult than it may sound! Cheating at slots is considered to be a money stealing process. And if you are caught while cheating, you are treated as thief that must be punished for doing such illegal things.

Cheats at Slots History

There were many cheaters through the slots history, so there is no need to enumerate all of them, just the vivid ones. Let`s speak about Glenn Carmichael who is supposed to be the best cheater in slots history. It is the person who has created the Monkey's Paw that could trigger the mechanism of slot`s payout. He even was imprisoned for permanent attempts to cheat while playing slots at casinos. Nowadays Glenn Carmichael develops anti-cheating devices. He prefers to work for casino`s industry than against it.

Mini-Lights Method

One of the most used cheating methods that were recently applied among slots cheaters is mini-light method. This method has proved to be quite successful and profitable. How it works? A cheater focuses the light on slot machine`s sensors in order to make machine unable to indicate the number of coins being paid for a win. This method was highly used not so long ago. Today slots are protected against the light tripping sensors.

Counterfeiting Method

Counterfeiting method is also called slugging. Person who uses counterfeit slugs is called slugger. This method is not so used now as casino`s technology constantly develops and always tries to use all kinds of protection against potential slot machine cheaters.

Coin-on-a-string Method

Coin-on-a-string method was based on the principle that a cheater had to dangle a coin inside a slot machine and then pull the coin (inserted) back in order to use it one more time. Today it is next to impossible to apply this method due to special protecting techniques. We may say that in the nearest future the coins scams will fully disappear because tokens and coins will also disappear from land-based casinos. Only casino credit cards will be used during playing sessions.

Machine that just paid off a Jackpot

One more scam at slots cheating is to find the machine that has recently paid out the jackpot. Such tricks are done by at least 2 players. A player wins a jackpot and collects his winnings and immediately leaves the casino. The second player sets up camp at the machine and claims on winning referring that the slot machine doesn`t pay out. This has happened before. But today there are many cameras and people that watch the games.

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