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As anyone will know when playing through their free online casino Unibet bonus, playing slot machines can be a lonely pastime. As human beings it’s important that we connect with others, and as we find ourselves spending more time online, it’s even more important that the connection is maintained.

One way that online casinos have tackled this issue is to create online slot machine tournaments. You may not have a physical connection, but the understanding that you are competing against another human beings makes a huge difference. As human beings we revel in a competitive arena and this is why the development of slot machine tournaments has been so successful.

Another great aspect of slot machine tournaments is the fact that you know how much money you are likely to lose before you start playing, as your investment will be the tournament buy-in fee. This is a far cry from normal slot machine play when there is no limit to the amount of money you can feed the machine.

The buy-in of each player will go into a prize pool with the casino taking a cut of the action for organising the event. The prize pool will then be divided into the top places dependent on the rules at each casino, and the tournament will begin.

Each player will have a set amount of credits and a time limit to use them. Once you have used all of your credits, or the time has elapsed, the action will stop and the leader board updated. Slot machine tournaments are played over a series of rounds before an overall winner is announced, and tournaments can run for days, weeks or even months.

The largest slot machine tournament ever held was at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut where 3,001 players contested an event held by Bally Technologies.

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